Netherlands company formation: a step towards success

Nowadays, more and more international businesses are considering the option of Netherlands company formation. Now wonder, because forming a company in the Netherlands offers many interesting advantages. In this article, we will discuss the most important perks of Netherlands company foration for international businesses. We will discuss certain aspects that make Netherlands company formation so advantageous, such as the Dutch tax system, the proximity to important ports and airports, the EU-membership and the presence of renowned internationally operating banks. After reading this article, you will have all the basic knowledge that you need for Netherlands company formation. In order to benefit from your Netherlands company formation as much as possible, it may be wise to employ the experience and expertise of a local specialized agency that can provide you with the specific support and advice that is suited to your situation. This will help make your Netherlands company formation as swift and smooth as possible. Know that it is possible to form a company in the Netherlands in no more than three days. It is even an option to choose for a special procedure, which will allow you to start a Dutch BV in only one day. Collaborating with a local agency which knows all the ins and outs of this process will make Netherlands company formation a very easy step towards success. When you choose to do so, you will benefit from the fortunate circumstances that this country offers to international businesses. The tax advantages can be considerable. Furthermore this is a nation that is an important member of the EU and is known for running a responsible economy and being very hospitable to international companies. The Netherlands have hundreds of years of experience with international trade and have taken many measures to make trading with or from their country attractive. Another benefit of Netherlands company formation is that it will be easy for you or your employees to become part of Dutch society. Circa 93% of the Dutch population has a good command of English, so it is easy to communicate with most of the people you meet. If you are an investor from outside of the EU, know that business immigration is also a possibility in the Netherlands. A specialized agency will tell you all you need to know about starting such a process. But there are even more advantages to benefit from when you choose the option of Netherlands company formation. We will list them in the paragraphs below.

More advantages of Netherlands company formation

Netherlands company formation is an easy way to benefit from the many fortunate conditions that Dutch companies enjoy. This country is very open to international business who want to settle in the Netherlands. Doing so will offer you many benefits, such as:

  • being part of an international business network
  • having good location, near major ports, roads, railways and airports
  • proximity to well-known international banks
  • use of extensive and well-maintained infrastructure
  • access to well-educated personnel

Support and advice when forming a company in the Netherlands

Forming a company in the Netherlands can be quick and easy, especially if you decide to hire a specialized agency to supply you with the necessary advice and services. Depending on the kind of business you want to form, you can be open for business within 1-3 days. Netherlands company formation is even possible without actually visiting the country yourself, this can be done remotely. For more information, visit this webpage and benefit from the expertise of a local agency that will help you take your business to the next level in the Netherlands.

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